Partnerships/Tourism NB


BrettLynn Farms is pleased to partner with The Van Horne Estate Isle Ministers Island and Parc New River Beach Park for the 2022 season. These partnerships exist to allow visitors an opportunity to learn more about the earths most important pollinators and their crucial role in our ecosystem. 

BrettLynn Farms est heureuse de s'associer à The Van Horne Estate Isle Ministers Island et au Parc New River Beach Park pour la saison 2022. Ces partenariats existent pour permettre aux visiteurs d'en savoir plus sur les pollinisateurs les plus importants de la planète et leur rôle crucial dans notre écosystème.

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A special thank you to the many landowners who so graciously allow our bees to

thrive on their property for the summer months.


The Deer Island Community School getting a close up look at our hardworking bees after spending the morning planting flowers to feed the bees at New River Beach.